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OK, I'm finally back with the land of the living.

Last week was rough. The cold I had decided to go for a little stroll around my chest resulting in a painful and ugly sounding cough. I went home early on Wednesday and basically spent most of the day in bed in a haze. Thursday, I was a little better, and was able to get though a work day. Friday, well, we didn't do much. I did as much work as I could (which wasn't much and then we spent most of the day avoiding the TV. We did not watch the Inauguration. We did go into the city, but only to get some pizza from Little Coco's. Friday and Saturday, we did break our no-drinking rule for January, but given everything that was going on, we decided to give ourselves a break for Friday and Saturday.

Friday night, Rebecca, Lisa's friend from college, came to stay with us. She and one of her friends came up from Norfolk Virginia for the Women's march on the 21st.

And yes, I did join them on the 21st.

The Women's March was one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen. The only thing I can compare it to is Obama's first inauguration. We spent most of the march on the Mall. We tried to get down to where the rally speakers were, but it got very tight, and Lisa started to get uneasy, so we moved to where we had more room to breathe. There were people from literally all over the country there, and of every ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender orientation, etc. Basically, it was what I consider America to truly be.

I'm not at all looking forward to the next 4 years, but if Saturday did anything for me, it renewed my desire to fight for what I believe in.

Sunday was mostly spent recovering from Saturday. I was very tired, and I think the exertion of Saturday made my cold last a little longer, but I seem to have more energy today, so that's helpful.

Not going to try to hit the gym today, but may tomorrow depending on how I feel.

I have more thoughts on Saturday, but I'm not quite clear enough to properly articulate them yet. Give me a couple of days without sickness.

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