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Well, Tallulah is definitely back to normal. Energetic and a pig. We're now including a little pumpkin with hers and Clyde's food. Clyde is now finishing meals regularly too which tells me that he just isn't a big fan of kibble. Also, with pumpkin, it's easier to get Tallulah to take her pill. She has to take half a pill of a medication that helps her hold her water. As she's gotten older, her bladder control hasn't been what it was (and it never was great) so this seems to help.

I also got back to the gym after about a week and a half of procrastination following Deep Creek Lake. I knew that the longer I stayed away, the harder it would be to go back.

I did a sort of "light" workout which for me was 50 minutes on the elliptical at a 10. I bumped up the duration because I didn't walk home yesterday owing to the impending thunderstorms. Really it was just a lot of rain and wind, but I didn't want to take chances. I got through that workout without too much trouble. Today I'll do intervals, possibly trying one of the programs on the machine. My cardio seems to be holding steady, so that's good. I feel much better today for having worked out than I did prior to working out.

I've been actively trying to declutter my life for the last week. I started with our bedroom, getting rid of old clothes, crap that was just sitting around unused for years, etc. Both Lisa and I have gotten into a bad habit of that, and I'm tired of feeling like a hoarder.

On a similar tack, I've also been decluttering my work office. Again, most of it is just simple neglect. I'm kind of an "absent minded professor" type like my father before me, and his office was perpetually messy too. As a programmer, I don't handle that much paper, and I don't even really need books anymore since I use Safari Books online for my technical reference needs. Any paper I do handle is usually just scribbled notes and print outs.

Tonight we're staying in. I want to try to finish with the bedroom, at least for my part. Lisa made some really good progress herself, clearing off her vanity. She found a note dating back to when we got Tallulah, who was then called Lilo. (I hated the name, so she became Tallulah) The note said she was 17 months old when we got her, but I'm skeptical. I'm quite sure that our vet said that she wasn't more than a year old when we got her. At any rate, that is what we've been basing her age on, and it seems to hold up. Anyway, if we can get the bedroom squared away tonight, I can start on other rooms on the weekend. I'm thinking upstairs bathroom next. My drawers need cleaning out. That shouldn't take too long. Then the den. That will definitely be a task, but once it's done, I can have a clean work area at home again.

I'm waiting patiently for some announcement about when Sunburn will be this year. I'm pretty sure it'll be same as last year, the second weekend in July.

OK, time to dig into some Telerik reports.

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