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tommx ([personal profile] tommx) wrote2017-02-28 10:06 am

Rough start to the week

Sunday night and Monday morning, my dog Tallulah was a little off. She didn't eat dinner on Sunday and picked at her food on Monday morning. For those not familiar, one of Tallulah's nicknames is "Piggo". She does not pick at food ever unless something is wrong. Last time, it was an intestinal blockage that nearly killed her.

So, I stayed home with her, took her to the vet, etc. Long story short, she's fine. She's a 13 year old dog, and my guess is that she was just constipated. We probably need to start rethinking dental chews for her. I don't think they're digesting as fast as they used to for her. At any rate, after a couple of poops and some rest, she was back to her normal self. I gave her a little pumpkin to help move things along as well.

I know she's not going to live forever, but I'd like her to stick around a little longer. I'm still not entirely over the loss of Tobey (my first dog) from 2 years ago. Yes, we have Clyde, and love him to pieces, but the little Miss is special.

Anyway, for the moment, she seems fine. We'll take what comes as it comes.

The weekend was relatively quiet. We went to a Caps game on Friday which was wonderful, and the 18th birthday party of a friend's niece on Saturday. We also made a stop at Quarry House for burgers before the close at their current location. They'll be re-opening in their regular home in May.

Quarry House is a Silver Spring institution. It's been around forever, and for a long time, they served literally three things: Beer, burgers and tater tots. Ok, maybe some other food items, but that was their staple. When Jackie Greenbaum took it over, she expanded their beer menu and added liquor, giving them an impressive whiskey list. The original location is literally a hole in the ground (basement bar) which was heavily damaged in a fire, but the repairs are almost complete.

Sunday I did housework, getting clutter out of the bedroom. There's a long way to go, but I made a good start.