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Hi there and welcome to my little blog.

I'm Tom. You can call me Tom or Tommx. Don't ever spell my name Thom.

Most of my posts are friends only, but I'm also pretty easy going about whom I will add as a friend. Here are a couple of things you should be aware of:

1. If you're adding me as a friend, it would be nice if you'd let me know a little something about yourself, or at least have a journal that has some meat to it. If you're adding me, and I look at your journal and find practically nothing there, I'll likely not add you.

2. Be respectful of others who comment on my journal. Some may express opinions you disagree with. That's fine. This is a free country. I merely ask that everyone be respectful of one another. Cardinal rule: Don't be a dick.

3. I am extremely opinionated and extremely liberal. If you have a problem with either of these things (especially the latter) we likely won't get along.

4. I don't guarantee that all of what you read here will be interesting. Sometimes I can be pretty damn boring.
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Of all of the TV shows that I've been looking forward to, Twin Peak's return has been close to the top of the list. I'm not necessarily a David Lynch fanatic but I love his work, and was cautiously optimistic that Twin Peaks would be among his better works.

It looks like I was right. I think it was a good move to make him the only director for all 18 episodes, and I'm frankly amazed that he got that many out of Showtime. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the first two episodes.

cutting this for Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 )
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I just looked at some old entries in here, and discovered that my older entries had been duplicated, with the duplicates of locked entries being made public. No idea how that happened, but my solution is to basically lock everything from the start of my journal through last year. Not sure when the duplicate entries started or when, but I've got some stuff there that I'd like the entire world not to see. I can only assume it was some kind of a glitch with the import.

*update* I was able to successfully lock all of the old posts, but I'm still a little vexed that they were hanging out there publicly for all to see. Too late to unring that bell I guess, but oh well. If anyone saw anything that we need to talk about (I'm talking mainly about non DW users I know who might have seen something that I said that they had a problem with) please reach out.
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I'm starting up a set of posts that are an attempt to try to help new readers understand who I am, and to give me an opportunity to reflect on who I am, who I've been, and how I got from there to here.

I have been different people at various times in my life. I mean, I've always been me, but I haven't always been this version of me. I suppose it's my way of saying that I am the sum of my parts, I guess, but the point is that if you compared me as I am today with who I was when I was, say, 14, or 24, or even 34, you'd see the same person for the most part, but there would be differences that aren't obviously related to age or maturity.

I often look back at the various versions of myself and cringe. Even reading old entries here, I can't help but roll my eyes at how blind I have been to my own privileges, microagressions, etc. They're hopefully not too glaring to the casual observer, but remembering who I was when I wrote some of them is sometimes upsetting to me. It's a good thing I didn't keep a journal in High School. Aside from the fact that my spelling was atrocious back then, I also really had my head shoved up my ass back then. Case in point, I got sucked into what I can only call a born again Christian cult. Suffice to say, I don't do a lot of bragging about that.

A sobering thing to consider, for me, is that the current president (I throw up in my soul to even say that much) has become a mirror to me, reflecting every aspect of being a cisgendered white male of a certain age in this country. I don't claim to be fully aware of the extent of my privilege, largely because I think such privilege tends to be more obvious to those who don't have it. I've come to realize that part of how my privilege manifests itself is to look at people like our current president, and unconsciously congratulating myself for not being like him. It's almost like a drug, that sense of satisfaction at not being as bad as the next guy, and it's a trap I've been trying to work on not falling into anymore.

As a man of privilege, I feel that it's on me to do what I can to help those who are being marginalized, oppressed, or otherwise held back from living their lives as they wish. There are limits to what I can do, of course, but I figure whatever I can do is better than nothing, and hopefully, what effort I make will be beneficial to someone in a real and meaningful way.

Part of the fallout of disliking previous versions of myself is that I've been hesitant to connect with people because I worry that I'm not, in some way, good enough to know them. This is another thing I've been working against recently, as is evidenced by the fact that I've been pretty brazen in my friending frenzy. This is kind of my way. Whenever I break through some sort of personal barrier or take on something new, I tend to go in head first at full speed. It may not be the healthiest way to go about it, but it's kind of what I do. Lisa tells me that she admires that about me, so I'm hoping that it's a healthy thing for the most part.

Anyway, this is the current version of me. I don't claim to be the best version of myself, but I try. My honest hope is that I do not fail any of you, but should I, I hope sincerely that I will have the self awareness to recognize it and make amends.
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My access filters for this journal were extremely old, and largely based on my Livejournal account. Most of the people in them don't even use LJ much less Dreamwidth anymore.

I haven't set up any new ones, so for now, anything I post that is friends locked will be viewable to all of those I grant access to.

I haven't quite figured out what I want to set up for filters yet, but for now, if I think I'm going to post anything that any of you might consider TMI, I'll just stick it behind a cut. For the most part, I suspect my TMI will be relatively tame as I'm not all that wild anymore, but you never know.
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Well, the Capitals won, though it wasn't as clean a win as I would have liked. They were down two, tied it, and then won in overtime. Still, a win is a win, especially in the playoffs. We had dinner at a new place called The Smith which is pretty much standard fare, but very very good standard fare.

The seats in the 200 section were very nice. More or less the opposite side from where we usually sit, but really, there aren't many bad seats in Verizon Center. I think we'll be able to deal with that.

I got an email from Dreamwidth that was sort of a "Hi Livejournal refugees" type of email which said most of the things I like hearing. I didn't know much about the history of Dreamwidth or how it came into being, but having read about it, I'm gladder still to have made the switch. I also can't help but smile to know that it's incorporated in my home state. It's not for nothing that I've stayed in Maryland this long, particularly Montgomery County. I'm very much a product of the environment I grew up in, so it's not surprising that I'd want to stay in it. Also, Silver Spring is just a great place. That said, Lisa just sent me a link about tech jobs in New Zealand. I considered submitting my resume for the Looksee thing they had where they offered to fly you out for an interview if you were selected, but I didn't feel like going up against the sheer volume of competition that was going to ensue. Still, if the right situation came up, I'd be on a plane over there in a second. There aren't many places on Earth I'd leave Maryland to go live in, but New Zealand is on the list.

Next week is going to be our 13th wedding anniversary. I already got Lisa her gift, but for laughs, I looked up which anniversary this is for us. It's lace. I then laughed because lace is something Lisa definitely does not do. In fact, I've never dated a girl who ever was into lace or lingerie to my knowledge. Neither really do anything for me, and I never would ask a woman to wear something for my benefit that she wouldn't want to wear on her own. As I've often said, Lisa could wear burlap if she really wanted to, and I'd still find her sexy. Sexiness isn't about how you look or what you wear, in my opinion. It's about how you feel, whom you're with, and the connection you have. I've never known any of that to be aided by one of us wearing a thong. (Though I'd be willing if Lisa decided she wanted me to, but I'm weird.) Anyway, we're looking forward to having Jen and Philip down, having them finally meet Chris and Leah, and marching on Saturday for science. Only sad part will be that we've agreed to board the dogs for the weekend so that we don't have to worry about getting home to them during the march. I hate doing that, not because it's hard on them. The place we board them is freaking Shangri-la for dogs. Dogtopia if anyone's interested in dog boarding. The reason I hate boarding the dogs is that it means they aren't with us. I miss them badly enough when I go to work, but to sleep in a dogless bed...that's rough. Still, I'll be looking at 10 days of that in Germany, so I better get a grip.

I decided to keep Prague on the itinerary after all for the Germany trip. Don Giovanni not withstanding, there is still a lot of great stuff to see over there. I'm hoping to do some planning this weekend.

I downloaded the enhanced edition of Planescape Torment yesterday in between work, emptying and refilling the dogs (walking and feeding them) and going back to meet everyone for hockey. It's definitely dated, but it's still a great game. I haven't legitimately played an RPG computer game in a long time, but I always wanted to come back to this one and run through it again. I remember the basic storyline, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

OK, I'm rambling enough. Still waking up, but it's time to do some coding. Ta ta.
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I ran 3 miles again yesterday. Again, not very fast, just more of a light jog, but I maintained it for 3 miles, and could have gone further. I didn't because it's not in the plan that I'm following. Well, ok, I did 3.1 miles to make it a 5k, but still...

I'm definitely on an upswing with the running. It's not easy, but neither is it impossible, and I'm feeling REALLY good afterward. I need to run 1.5-2 miles tomorrow to stay on target. Technically, the plan has me doing 1.5 miles today, but it's not going to work schedulewise. At any rate, I think a day of rest is probably not a bad idea here. Then on Saturday, I need to run 3.5 miles, and that'll be the week.

If I can keep this up, I really think I'm going to start seeing some better weight loss in the near future.

Tonight, we have tickets to the first Capitals playoff game against the Maple Leafs. We're in the 200 section. By coincidence, we're one row in front of Leah and Chris, which is all kinds of awesome. We're trying out a new place called The Smith in Chinatown that used to be a McCormick & Schmick's, but hopefully, the new place will be much better. I'm not doing a playoff beard this time around because 1. I really hate wearing facial hair of any kind, and 2. I'm not superstitious. Me growing facial hair isn't going to do anything to help the caps, and I don't need to look like a bum for people to know I like hockey. Too many people already think I'm way more of a fanatic about it than I am. Case in point, last night, Lisa was flipping between 3 playoff games while I was re-watching Twin Peaks on my ipad in preparation for the new series coming up on Showtime. I forgot how much of a crush I had on Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn back in those days. Oh, and Joan Chen...anyway, the point is, unless the Capitals are playing, and playing live for that matter, I'm not that interested in watching the game. By and large, I'm not really a sports fanatic, and probably wouldn't give a crap about the Capitals if I weren't married to Lisa. She got me interested, and I do very much get into the games, but I can't watch it all the time. I get bored too easily. Also, I'm not as invested in the playoffs as I used to be because the Caps have a bad habit of choking in the first or second round. In all likelihood, we'll face the Penguins in the second round, and we never seem to do well against them in the playoffs. Maybe this year will be different. I am always hopeful.
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I ran a mile and a half yesterday. Not very far, and not very fast, but it's an improvement over last week's mile and a half. We'll see how today's 3 miles go.

I didn't run as much last week as I'd wanted to, but I'm hoping to rectify that this week. I'm following the Hal Higdon Spring Training course for novices. That seems to be working well for me. I don't know how much weight will be lost with this particular training plan, but I'm not setting any major goals along those lines. I just want to cover the distance for now.

I've concluded that running is the primary exercise for me to maintain my health. I never feel better than I do immediately after a run, and I'm finding that my overall feeling of wellness increased dramatically when I'm running regularly. I'm very lucky, in that my knees and feet still seem to be able to handle running, provided I train consistently, and maintain a healthy lifestyle otherwise. (i.e. sleeping enough, not drinking a lot, eating healthily) So long as my knees can handle it (and judging from past performance, they still can), running needs to be a regular part of my life.

In other news, we had a raccoon living in the wall behind our bedroom until recently. Our house's upper floor is more of a converted attic. Behind our wall is a space with a vent behind it which the raccoon forced its way into. We called a service that traps such animals and humanely relocates them. This done, we enlisted the same company for some preventative work to keep future would-be tenants from forcing their way in through either side of the house. We're also having some conversion work done on the gutters that will hopefully keep birds out in the future as well.

Unfortunately, we have another set of tenants. It seems we have a bee hive underneath the sun room. Our sun room is an extension to the house that was built shortly before we moved in. As it's raised, there's a crawlspace underneath it where the bees seem to have set up home. I'm not sure what to do there, except call Terminix and hope they have a humane solution. Bees are important, and I don't wish to harm them, but it's not feasible for us to leave a hive there. It's not safe for us or the dogs.

I'm starting to rethink the itinerary of our trip in the Fall a bit. Now that it seems that Don Giovanni in Prague isn't going to happen, I'm wondering if it's worth going out there at all. There's no shortage of things to do in Germany and Austria, and Switzerland might also be a good one to rope in as well. Alternatively, we could just spend a little more time in Austria or Holland. I'll be doing some juggling over the next couple of days to see what works. Prague is definitely a place I'd like to go, but it's not an absolute must have.

OK, time to work for a living. Peace out.
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I'm currently beta testing the new Create Entries page in Dreamwidth, which so far is much prettier and user friendly than anything I've seen in LJ. Looks like this is going to work for me.

This morning, I booked flights for our vacation. We're flying into Amsterdam and then doing rail trips to Germany, Prague and Austria. At least, that's the current plan. I'd hoped to go to Prague to see Don Giovanni in the theater where it premiered, but that doesn't look like it will work, so I may make some adjustments. It'll depend largely on time, expense, and what looks cool. The flight is on KLM which I remember as being pretty good, though that was also 19 years ago, so who knows? Anyway, we should have some fun. I'm hoping I can find a deal on a night in the Pulitzer Hotel, but that may be prohibitive. We'll see. More details to come.

Last night was pretty quiet. Basically we just caught up on shows. I'm kind of relieved that Homeland is finished because Sunday was getting really crowded.

Tonight I'll run, and then maybe suggest we eat dinner on the patio. The weather is bloody fantastic and I'd like to take advantage of it.

There are some new people on my list. Hi new people. I'll write a more comprehensive "biographical" post, but if you, or anyone else would like to ask me something, feel free to in this poll box:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 0

Ask me literally absolutely anything.

Feel free to ask me whatever you like, no matter how personal. No one will see who asked what but me. I promise to answer truthfully.
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I'll get to my weekend in a minute.

I've been seriously thinking about how I've been using this thing since I started using it regularly again. The whole LJ migration thing has me thinking about privilege and how much of it I have. It occurs to me that aside from privacy concerns (which don't matter that much to me since I don't think that privacy really exists anymore), the changes in TOS from LJ doesn't really affect me that much. Why? Because I'm not in Russia.

The worst thing that LJ can do to me is to revoke my access/delete my journal. That would be a shame, but not much of one since I moved all of my content on Dreamwidth and post from there now. I would regret it because I do feel that there's a better sense of community on LJ, but it wouldn't seriously impact my life.

Russian users, particularly LGBTQ users, are probably at great personal risk for what they post in LJ due to the oppressive laws of Putin's regime. I can bitch all I want about LJs policies, but it likely won't get me thrown in a gulag or whatever Putin is using to lock people up in these days.

Anyway, I recognize my privilege in this regard (among many many others) so along those lines, I'll probably be a hell of a lot more outspoken on this blog. Although I post from Dreamwidth, I still think of this as a Livejournal blog. I'll continue to cross post unless LJ decides to terminate my account for violating terms of service, etc.

Now, on to the weekend: It started with sex.
Cut for those who don't want gory details )

Apart from Friday night sexytime, we didn't do much. We got take-out from Taylor gourmet which was rather tasty, and watched "The Catch" and "Absolutely Fabulous".

Saturday, I went for my tuxedo fitting for Don and Caitlin's wedding. It was nice to see everyone there, and geek out with folks about various things that I really don't get to geek out with Lisa about. It went on a little long, but that's how things go I guess. I wouldn't know, since I've never been a groomsman before.

Saturday evening, we picked up Lisa's Christabirthdaversatine's day present. Explanation: Over the years, Lisa and I have grown less and less fond of exchanging gifts simply because of some manufactured holiday like Christmas or Valentine's day. Birthdays and anniversaries are more meaningful to us, and we do observe them, but in terms of actually giving gifts, we tend to just mash those two together into one more meaningful gift such as an item of jewelry or something like that. In this case, I got Lisa a Whisper bracelet by David Yurman. The gold on the bracelet spells out "I Love You". It complements her other jewelry perfectly so I'm really patting myself on the back for that one. It also helps that she loves it.

Sunday, we went to the Farmer's market, did some yardwork, cleaned out the sun room a little, and went to our last Capital's game as season ticket holders.

We'd been in those seats since Fall 2008. Last season, when the Caps chocked in the post season, as they do, Lisa decided that she didn't want to renew. At first I was skeptical, then even resistant, but now I've accepted that it was the right move. We love hockey, but it's REALLY expensive. Also, committing to a full season just isn't feasible for us anymore. It becomes a job almost, even if we try to share the cost of the tickets with others who want part of the season.

The good news is we won't have to give up the seats entirely. We know enough people in that row that we'll be able to go to a good chunk of games and stay in that section without having to commit to the entire season.

We will be going to the first playoff home game on Thursday. Club level seats. Not as good as what we did have (Section 105, row O) but still pretty nice.

I'm liking the warm weather. It's nice to ride with the top down in my Mini and even nicer to be able to sleep with the windows open. Only real drawback to that is that Clyde tends to get barky if he hears anything through the window. He was pretty quiet last night though, thankfully.
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Well, Tallulah is definitely back to normal. Energetic and a pig. We're now including a little pumpkin with hers and Clyde's food. Clyde is now finishing meals regularly too which tells me that he just isn't a big fan of kibble. Also, with pumpkin, it's easier to get Tallulah to take her pill. She has to take half a pill of a medication that helps her hold her water. As she's gotten older, her bladder control hasn't been what it was (and it never was great) so this seems to help.

I also got back to the gym after about a week and a half of procrastination following Deep Creek Lake. I knew that the longer I stayed away, the harder it would be to go back.

I did a sort of "light" workout which for me was 50 minutes on the elliptical at a 10. I bumped up the duration because I didn't walk home yesterday owing to the impending thunderstorms. Really it was just a lot of rain and wind, but I didn't want to take chances. I got through that workout without too much trouble. Today I'll do intervals, possibly trying one of the programs on the machine. My cardio seems to be holding steady, so that's good. I feel much better today for having worked out than I did prior to working out.

I've been actively trying to declutter my life for the last week. I started with our bedroom, getting rid of old clothes, crap that was just sitting around unused for years, etc. Both Lisa and I have gotten into a bad habit of that, and I'm tired of feeling like a hoarder.

On a similar tack, I've also been decluttering my work office. Again, most of it is just simple neglect. I'm kind of an "absent minded professor" type like my father before me, and his office was perpetually messy too. As a programmer, I don't handle that much paper, and I don't even really need books anymore since I use Safari Books online for my technical reference needs. Any paper I do handle is usually just scribbled notes and print outs.

Tonight we're staying in. I want to try to finish with the bedroom, at least for my part. Lisa made some really good progress herself, clearing off her vanity. She found a note dating back to when we got Tallulah, who was then called Lilo. (I hated the name, so she became Tallulah) The note said she was 17 months old when we got her, but I'm skeptical. I'm quite sure that our vet said that she wasn't more than a year old when we got her. At any rate, that is what we've been basing her age on, and it seems to hold up. Anyway, if we can get the bedroom squared away tonight, I can start on other rooms on the weekend. I'm thinking upstairs bathroom next. My drawers need cleaning out. That shouldn't take too long. Then the den. That will definitely be a task, but once it's done, I can have a clean work area at home again.

I'm waiting patiently for some announcement about when Sunburn will be this year. I'm pretty sure it'll be same as last year, the second weekend in July.

OK, time to dig into some Telerik reports.
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Sunday night and Monday morning, my dog Tallulah was a little off. She didn't eat dinner on Sunday and picked at her food on Monday morning. For those not familiar, one of Tallulah's nicknames is "Piggo". She does not pick at food ever unless something is wrong. Last time, it was an intestinal blockage that nearly killed her.

So, I stayed home with her, took her to the vet, etc. Long story short, she's fine. She's a 13 year old dog, and my guess is that she was just constipated. We probably need to start rethinking dental chews for her. I don't think they're digesting as fast as they used to for her. At any rate, after a couple of poops and some rest, she was back to her normal self. I gave her a little pumpkin to help move things along as well.

I know she's not going to live forever, but I'd like her to stick around a little longer. I'm still not entirely over the loss of Tobey (my first dog) from 2 years ago. Yes, we have Clyde, and love him to pieces, but the little Miss is special.

Anyway, for the moment, she seems fine. We'll take what comes as it comes.

The weekend was relatively quiet. We went to a Caps game on Friday which was wonderful, and the 18th birthday party of a friend's niece on Saturday. We also made a stop at Quarry House for burgers before the close at their current location. They'll be re-opening in their regular home in May.

Quarry House is a Silver Spring institution. It's been around forever, and for a long time, they served literally three things: Beer, burgers and tater tots. Ok, maybe some other food items, but that was their staple. When Jackie Greenbaum took it over, she expanded their beer menu and added liquor, giving them an impressive whiskey list. The original location is literally a hole in the ground (basement bar) which was heavily damaged in a fire, but the repairs are almost complete.

Sunday I did housework, getting clutter out of the bedroom. There's a long way to go, but I made a good start.

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My attack of whatever the fuck that was on Thursday seems to be pretty much a flash in the pan, because I felt way better on Friday. My workout went well, though I'm thinking I'm going to need to step things up soon. More on that in a bit.

Dinner was takeout from Crisp n' Juicy which is a rotisserie chicken place that makes REALLY good rotisserie chicken. We basically munched on that, drank wine, and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Well, I did. Lisa fell asleep about a third of the way in to the movie.) I hadn't seen it in some time, but watching it Friday, it reminded me of a few things.

1. Harrison Ford has always been my go-to action hero. There's just something about him that works in those kinds of movies. Aside from the fact that I've always wanted to look like him, there's a humor to him that is unique to him.

2. Marion Ravenwood became more or less the model for the type of woman I've always been attracted to. She's strong, independent, badass, and must have one very good liquor distributor to have such a well stocked bar in Nepal. What I particularly liked about her is that she has a unique beauty. It's not homogenized or "perfect" but unique only to her. Now granted, I had a crush on Karen Allen ever since Animal House and East of Eden, but this role, for me, just made her all the more attractive.

3. Steven Spielberg really does know how to make a well shot movie.

Lisa also got a delivery that was her valentine's day present to me: Cole Haan shoes. They look pretty good.

Saturday, we had lunch with Lisa's nephews Mike, Adam, and Mike's girlfriend. It was very pleasant. The boys have become MMA fighters and are now basically solid muscle. The transformation is kind of astounding. I think that some of their training is a little extreme and unhealthy (dehydrating to shed pounds for a weigh in is highly troubling to me) but they seem to be doing well.

Saturday night, we went to see the Capitals play again. We didn't go out to dinner before hand, but rather picked up sandwiches at a place in Verizon that Jose Andres opened up as a "test kitchen". I had a pork belly blt that I actually didn't like all that much. The pork belly was too dry for me, and the bun was so thick that it's about all I tasted. Oh well...that's the first time I've ever been able to say that about anything at a Jose Andres restaurant, so...

After the game, we went straight home and watched Saturday Night Live. It's a rare occasion that we actually watch it live, as we're usually asleep by the time it comes on. (Yes, I know, we're old.) It was a hoot, as usual.

Sunday was kind of sedate. I went to the gym after the farmer's market. If I count forward from Monday, that means that I managed to get 5 workouts in a week under my belt. Sadly, that's not likely to happen this week, as we're going to Deep Creek Lake on Friday, but maybe I can get a run or two in while I'm there. Or at least a few push ups.

Speaking of running, I'm thinking that I'm going to need to start doing more running, now that I've established something of a routine. Weight loss is currently kind of stagnant, but I'm not worried. My legs are getting some reasonably good definition, and I'm feeling a difference in energy levels.

Tomorrow, Valentine's day. We're not doing anything particularly fancy. I had in mind something for Valentine's day, but funding is an issue. However, I should be able to get it by our anniversary. It'll be a David Yurman bracelet. In the mean time, I guess I'll get flowers or something like that.

So yeah, Thursday...not sure where that came from, but it passed pretty quickly.
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So, this weekend marked when I went off the wagon, officially. By and large, it wasn't a huge deal except maybe for yesterday, but more on that in a second.

Friday, we had Liam over for Thai food. I have ascertained that my days of eating blindingly hot Thai food are behind me. We ordered from Nava Thai which is my favorite Thai place in the area. I ordered drunken noodles asking for medium spice. What I got was an apparent attempt at nuclear fusion. Aside from my mouth being on fire for a significant time after I finished eating, the heartburn was unbearable. The next day was no picnic either, but I'll spare you.

Oh well.

It was good to see Liam. I haven't seen him a lot lately, but he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend, so I can't hold that against him. She was up in Boston for a girls weekend, so the timing worked out for him to come over. She'd have obviously been just as welcome...maybe next time.

Saturday was Leta's memorial service. It was literally standing room only. I don't traditionally like memorial services, but I have to say that this was one of the more beautiful I've attended. There was a very strong sense of Leta there, and everyone seemed to take comfort from that. Afterward, there was a happy hour at McGinty's tavern in her honor. I did not realize, but it was catered. Free drinks and food. I drank a Glenlivet in her honor.

Sunday, we went to see the Capitals sweep the lightening. We had brunch at Clydes with mimosas that were probably more generous than necessary, but after a while, I cut myself off.

After the game, we went home and did baked wings, theoretically for the super bowl, but we didn't actually watch it. Lisa was sleepy because Tallulah woke her up at 3, so she fell asleep, and I watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who from the previous season. When she did rouse, we went up to bed and watched Victoria.

Today, I don't feel particularly great, and I attribute that to the fact that I had been drinking the day before. I didn't get smashed, but I think I had more than I really should have. Tonight, at karaoke, I am going to stay dry.

My Apple watch is back. I think they just replaced it, but that's no big deal. Everything still works the way it did before, so life is good.

I'm having a huge hankering to find a D&D game. I haven't played in ages. I glanced at Meetup, but there wasn't much that I could join in on from what I saw.

Gym tonight, then Sweetgreen, then karaoke. I'm singing Chocolate Salty Balls tonight.
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OK, I'm finally back with the land of the living.

Last week was rough. The cold I had decided to go for a little stroll around my chest resulting in a painful and ugly sounding cough. I went home early on Wednesday and basically spent most of the day in bed in a haze. Thursday, I was a little better, and was able to get though a work day. Friday, well, we didn't do much. I did as much work as I could (which wasn't much and then we spent most of the day avoiding the TV. We did not watch the Inauguration. We did go into the city, but only to get some pizza from Little Coco's. Friday and Saturday, we did break our no-drinking rule for January, but given everything that was going on, we decided to give ourselves a break for Friday and Saturday.

Friday night, Rebecca, Lisa's friend from college, came to stay with us. She and one of her friends came up from Norfolk Virginia for the Women's march on the 21st.

And yes, I did join them on the 21st.

The Women's March was one of the most extraordinary things I've ever seen. The only thing I can compare it to is Obama's first inauguration. We spent most of the march on the Mall. We tried to get down to where the rally speakers were, but it got very tight, and Lisa started to get uneasy, so we moved to where we had more room to breathe. There were people from literally all over the country there, and of every ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender orientation, etc. Basically, it was what I consider America to truly be.

I'm not at all looking forward to the next 4 years, but if Saturday did anything for me, it renewed my desire to fight for what I believe in.

Sunday was mostly spent recovering from Saturday. I was very tired, and I think the exertion of Saturday made my cold last a little longer, but I seem to have more energy today, so that's helpful.

Not going to try to hit the gym today, but may tomorrow depending on how I feel.

I have more thoughts on Saturday, but I'm not quite clear enough to properly articulate them yet. Give me a couple of days without sickness.
tommx: (Hedshot)
Yes, I'm still here. I'm fighting a very very ugly cold, and therefore don't feel much like writing.

I'll be back when my skin stops crawling and I stop sounding like I've got consumption.
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